Monday, May 9, 2011

Bmw X10

    Bmw X10. ISS Forged BMW M3 / 20quot; X-10
  • ISS Forged BMW M3 / 20quot; X-10

  • Built
    Apr 2, 07:44 PM
    what the **** are you talking about?!!!

    you are getting false information, I would dare say 99% of ipad 2s have absolutely no hardware problem.

    You're deluding yourself.

    Bmw X10. One-off Ford Mustang AV-X10 to
  • One-off Ford Mustang AV-X10 to

  • 63dot
    Nov 25, 01:07 PM
    They're just ****ing sunglasses...

    That's what I thought, but I have seen some in the $300 to $400 dollar range, more with precious stones (actually, much much more).

    These cool ones are $250 to $400 and quite nice, but so not me. I could never get enticed into high end, multi-purpose glasses unless they came bundled with OS X and I could navigate through it using just my mind. :)

    Bmw X10. 22 Hyper Silver Rims BMW X5
  • 22 Hyper Silver Rims BMW X5

  • Lifequest
    Apr 2, 07:47 PM
    I'll "believe" when they fix the currently unresolved and widespread quality control issues...light bleed on virtually every unit and blemishes, dents and scratches on units straight out of the box.

    Fix those issues, Apple, and then I will "believe" enough to get an iPad 2.

    Oh dear. How is Stevie going to sleep at night knowing that one potential customer is still on the fence...:rolleyes:

    Frankly, they don't give two animal-faecal-secretions about whether you buy it or not.

    Bmw X10. mw x 10 4x4
  • mw x 10 4x4

  • ampd
    Jul 19, 03:49 PM
    one of these days when I have enough money (hopefully by around Aug. 7th) I will be able to buy a mac and become part of those stats.

    Bmw X10. mw x 10 hatchback
  • mw x 10 hatchback

  • maclaptop
    Apr 21, 12:29 PM
    One of the many advantages of my iPhone 4 tracking me, is that I have big brother watching me. I'm never alone.

    The only problem is my stupid Android phone can't do the same.

    I have an appointment with Apple next week, I'm giving them the keys to my house, cars, and all my tax returns, stock certificates and investment portfolio. They promise to do every thing for less than 70% of my annual income. A great deal.

    I'm in good hands with Apple, not a worry in the world. I'm now an official Apple fanboy. Living in the walled garden all I have to do is be an Apple drone :)

    Woo Hoo life is sweet.

    Bmw X10. Bmw 7
  • Bmw 7

  • AlligatorBloodz
    Apr 19, 12:39 PM
    I don't know if this goes along with it. But Best Buy has recently sold out online of the Mac Pro as well. A few weeks ago the $2500 one sold out, and I just checked today and the $3500 is sold out as well. I bet Apple refreshes both the iMac and the Mac Pro real soon.

    Bmw X10. 2011 BMW 550i
  • 2011 BMW 550i

  • roland.g
    Aug 30, 12:42 PM
    $100 off from $949 down to $849
    IMO, not worth it.

    Bmw X10. 2011 BMW 1-Series M Coupe
  • 2011 BMW 1-Series M Coupe

  • Lord Blackadder
    Mar 6, 12:08 PM
    regarding cars as very international affairs: the history is plastered with failed attempts at "world cars" .. even more so when a car makers call one of their cars a 'world car' in their PR before the release

    That's true, though there have been a few successes, like the Ford Focus.

    For the record, I walk to work unless the temperatures is around 10F or below. I intentionally located myself near my job, and made some sacrifices in order to do so.

    Bmw X10. FOTO BMW X10 - Page 7
  • FOTO BMW X10 - Page 7

  • Macopotamus
    Mar 22, 03:50 PM
    an email from SEPTEMBER of last year is relevant now? maybe they didn't have plans then but are killing it now? things change

    kind of strange to mention a 9 month old email dont you think?

    Bmw X10. Based on a BMW 330i,
  • Based on a BMW 330i,

  • bokdol
    Jul 14, 04:10 AM
    ... and what you'd loose when the disk goes bad :mad:

    but you can say that with most drives....

    Bmw X10. ISS Forged BMW M3 / 20quot; X-10
  • ISS Forged BMW M3 / 20quot; X-10

  • gyus
    May 2, 04:54 PM
    The more I see of iOS for the desktop, umm sorry I mean Lion, the more I dislike.

    Definitely skipping Lion. Perhaps Mac OSX will return to being designed around a screen larger than the ipad/ iphone and (gasp!) a keyboard.

    Bmw X10. FOTO BMW X10 - Page 7
  • FOTO BMW X10 - Page 7

  • cube
    Mar 24, 03:02 PM
    OpenCL /DirectCompute are COMPUTE tasks that are hardly anything currently supports(both of which support hardware before DX11, completely eradicating the point of even bringing that up in the first place). You do not have a better CPU. In theory and vaporware tests you could outperform Sandy Bridge by itself. But Sandy Bridge with a discrete GPU will smoke Llano with a discrete GPU any day of the week.

    I'm not talking about using a discrete GPU, but about what you can do with just the CPU (or should I call it "APU"?).

    Bmw X10. Cars with bmwfoto mw
  • Cars with bmwfoto mw

  • stcanard
    Nov 30, 10:47 AM
    Another way to ask this question: If Apple decided to compete head-to-head with this feature, what should they do differently?

    Here's the funny thing, I can tell you a feature is poorly thought out, even if I can't necessarily tell you how to solve it :) The fact that we don't have an answer is probably a good start on why the iPod doesn't already do it.

    First thing I can say is this: Dump the idea of restrictions on non-DRM'd songs. If "the guy with guitar" wants to beam you his own song he should be allowed to decide that you can keep it as long as you want and send it to as many people as you want.

    This goes back to the root of the problem with these devices and online stores: The record labels aren't worried about piracy, they're worried about all the guys on the street being able to bypass them by advertising virally then selling their own burned CDs. Sure it's only one or two now people now, but then it starts to grow, and some band ends up hitting it big and getting radio play, then everybody starts doing it, and then gradually the RIAA loses their money train.

    Bmw X10. FOTO BMW X10 - Page 5
  • FOTO BMW X10 - Page 5

  • SciFrog
    Mar 5, 12:47 PM

    I see some new folks putting up some points, designed, DistortedLoop, and MAcProCPO is back at it again, thanks for the effort to those and other newbies!

    I had a problem with the MacPro after I upgraded to a 3 SSD raid for booting ... I forgot to set the machine to NOT go to sleep, DUH! I could not figure out why it was timing out of folding every so often with the remote Linux boards that I'm ssh'd into from the Mac. NOW that I have that figured out my points will pick up again. It was still impressive just running the 6 GPU's and 2 win clients at about 50k per day!

    And congrats for 10mio points!

    Still sIting for Gulftown to be released, and to see the price... My current 8 core 3ghz 2,1 mac pro isbbeyond my needs already... And still no GPU on OS X...

    On the good news front, SMP2 is rock solid, haven't lost a unit yet even after reboots.

    Bmw X10. mw x 10 hatchback
  • mw x 10 hatchback

  • Cassie
    Jan 23, 11:09 PM
    Well, my last post in this thread was just about two weeks ago I suppose. And that truck already died, ha. But, new truck: :)
    1988 Ford Ranger XLT Supercab. 2.0 l4, 5 spd manual. Few small issues with it, but it runs pretty well for its age and high mileage, plus only paid $1700 for it. :D Love it to death. :apple: (I admit it, I have some redneck in me :p)

    Bmw X10. mw x10
  • mw x10

  • Evangelion
    Jul 20, 04:44 AM
    But he had previously NEVER appeared in public, too GODLY, he appeared in public so they saw that he was HUMAN !!!

    Take it easy with the ALL CAPS and exclamation points!!!!!! And BTW: he had appeared in public before.

    And more to the point: Why are we discussing the emperor of Japan?

    Bmw X10. BMW M Coupe : 2002
  • BMW M Coupe : 2002

  • doberman211
    Mar 22, 10:21 PM
    Uncompressed. That IS the key. Friends don't let friends buy compressed faux music. And play your uncompressed music with your tube amps and AR 3a speakers. Howz that for classic?

    Pretty damn accurate. 5 channel surround sound on my dock connector and I can hear my speakers from across the road. Though people sometimes complain about it:p

    I don't live near any senior citizens so sometimes i just ask for requests if its nothing completely ridiculous like Bieber. I only keep ~5000 songs on the iPod because i recently lost my entire music library and have been slowly rebuilding it on an SSD which is much more reliable.

    Bmw X10. MANSORY 2011 BMW 7 Series
  • MANSORY 2011 BMW 7 Series

  • kasei
    Sep 6, 05:30 PM
    It looks like I'm going to have to buy one of these and hook it up to my entertainment system. Good by clunky old DVDs and hello DVD library on a Mac Mini.

    Bmw X10. mw x10
  • mw x10

  • reel2reel
    Apr 12, 10:21 PM
    Some definite improvements but I wouldn't go as far as to call it a "jaw-dropper". I was really hoping to see more about how it integrates with the rest of the suite.

    Thank Larry Jordan for that "jaw-dropper" remark.

    Nov 27, 08:26 PM
    Well, see... there's this little thing called market analysis and listening to the people you sell things to. I highly doubt Apple was sitting around going "we need to release something new because its been months. I know! How about a different monitor size!"

    Why not reduce the 20" to $399? Why should they when they seem to be selling just fine at where they are?

    Dell is putting IMAGINED price pressure on Apple with their monitors. Selling cheaper crap will cost you less.


    Let's look at the facts.

    20" Apple $699 - Dell $399
    23" Apple $999 - Dell $799 (24")
    30" Apple $1999 - Dell $1499

    Those are real numbers. Dell has brighter specs, more connection options, and with the 23" they have a 24" that's still $200 cheaper.

    What imaginary planet are you on? $300, $200, and $500 difference in price respectively. That's real money. And it pressures people into considering a Dell. (Bad Apple!) All you are really getting for those extra hundres of dollars is a display that looks nice with your mini, MBP, or MP.

    You claim that Apple's monitors are selling well, but you have no facts to back that up. Apple doesn't post their sales numbers for products like this so you're just making it up. Those sales numbers could suck a$$ and you wouldn't know. And I believe they do suck, but Apple won't tell you that, it sucks because they want them to suck. Keep reading.

    I believe Apple does this to encourage people to buy iMacs. If your willing to pony up $2400 or more on a Mac Pro then maybe an extra $500 doesn't bother you for the two 30" displays your going to use, and if all you can afford is mini Apple doesn't seem to mind you buying that Dell monitor. By pricing the monitors several hundred more than they are really worth, you are now in the iMac price range. I bet if you could see and add up the numbers, buying a mini and an over priced cinema display gives Apple the same profit margin as an iMac. Apple doesn't have a mid range tower. Again, because they want to sell you an iMac. By keeping their product line simple they reduce costs; making one widget as apposed to five different widgets is cheaper. But that limits choice.

    I have an iMac, but I really don't want one. I want a mid-range tower and an external monitor. I'm not alone either. Apple's monitor price is a "choice incentive". It may help their bottom line, but it limits my choice. And since I hate Windows I'm forced into Apple's program. This is really what people are complaining about here. They want a mini and 20" cinema for under $1000, and I want a 23" and tower for under $2000, not a 24" iMac!

    So, back to a 17" cinema. Why would Apple do this? I don't think they will. A 17" iMac is only $899. That's where they make their money, oh, and people like me willing to pay premium because we value esthetics.

    Nov 27, 01:10 PM
    Or get an iMac...:p

    Mar 24, 01:08 PM
    Excellent, more compatibility is what's hurting the Mac the most. This would be a great next step to make the Mac a more flexible, multi-purpose machine.

    Nov 15, 08:34 AM
    8-Core Mac Pro! :eek:

    ***drool*** :D :cool:

    I'd love to see these test done in Vista, slower than XP i suspect. :cool:

    Nov 29, 04:27 PM
    Living room, car, blah blah blah.

    Nobody has yet delivered a truly GOOD streaming media solution for my hot air balloon. Are you listening Apple???!!!!! :mad:

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